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[pdf] 01. uphec-uad-2016-[Paper Speaker]-Prof Supanee-Epidemiology of Non-Communicable Disease.pdf 20 957.6 KB 2017-Jul-20
[pdf] 02. uphec-uad-2016-[Paper Speaker]-Bhisma Murti-Economic Impact of Non-Communicable Disease.pdf 13 275.7 KB 2017-Jul-20
[pdf] 03. uphec-uad-2016-[Paper]-Rita Dian P-Accuracy of a Rapid Diagnostic Test and Sianmethemoglobin to Detect Anaemia For Pregnant Woman in Primary Health Care Service.pdf 18 455.7 KB 2017-Jul-20
[pdf] 04. uphec-uad-2016-[Paper]-Rosmala-Stress and Incendence of Dyspepsia in Anutapura Palu General Hospital.pdf 12 404.8 KB 2017-Jul-20
[pdf] 05. uphec-uad-2016-[Paper]-Syefira-Role of Nutrition Intervention for Non Communicable.pdf 12 459.1 KB 2017-Jul-20
[pdf] 07. uphec-uad-2016-[Paper]-Ida Wahyuni-Need Assessment of Hazard Analysis and Personal Protective Equipment on Brick Workers in Demak, Central Java.pdf 14 309.2 KB 2017-Jul-20
[pdf] 08. uphec-uad-2016-[Paper]-Intan-Social Determinant Factors of Handwashing using Soap Practice among Mothers in Muara Angke Fishing Village, North Jakarta, Indonesia.pdf 12 328.8 KB 2017-Jul-20
[pdf] 10. uphec-uad-2016-[Paper]-STNurjannah-Avoiding Cervical cancer effect of Premarital Sexual the Study in Adolescents Society Turonggo Wiro Budoyo (TWB) Wirobrajan Yogyakarta.pdf 17 303.7 KB 2017-Jul-20
[pdf] 11. uphec-uad-2016-[Paper]-Fardhiasih-Correlation between Fasting Blood Glucose and Lipid Profile among Diabetes Melitus Patients in Health Laboratory Center (Balapkes), Yogyakarta.pdf 17 153.0 KB 2017-Jul-20
[pdf] 12. uphec-uad-2016-[Paper]-Heny-Health Seeking Behavior of Hypertensive Patients.pdf 11 428.0 KB 2017-Jul-20
[pdf] 13. uphec-uad-2016-[Paper]-Mudlilah-Policies And Empowerment Of Women Attitute .pdf 13 330.7 KB 2017-Jul-20
[pdf] 14. uphec-uad-2016-[Paper]-Franning-Determinant Proxy Global Incidence Of Hypertension In Limboto District Health Centers Gorontalo 2014.pdf 11 247.1 KB 2017-Jul-20
[pdf] 15. uphec-uad-2016-[Paper]-Riska Epina-Maternal Low Levels of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) With Low Birth Weight.pdf 11 148.1 KB 2017-Jul-20
[pdf] 16. uphec-uad-2016-[Paper]-Supriyatiningsih-The Relationship between Parity and the Use of IUD Contraception with the Result of Pap smear Examination at Asri Medical Center.pdf 10 146.5 KB 2017-Jul-20
[pdf] 17. uphec-uad-2016-[Abstrak]- Prof Guo Dong Lu-China's Health Policy to Face the Challenges of Non-Communicable Diseases.pdf 10 106.3 KB 2017-Jul-20
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