7th Universitas Ahmad Dahlan Public Health Conference (UPHEC)
Yogyakarta, October 29, 2022

One of the lessons learnt from COVID-19 was that the pandemic could be overcome through robust surveillance. Surveillance should not only involve data collection, but a continuous systematic process that encompasses data collection, analysis, interpretation, and subsequently using the results as reference for planning and implementation health policy. The main goal of surveillance, therefore, is to alleviate morbidity and prevent avert-able death through effective intervention.

The theme of this conference is Public Health Surveillance System for a more Resilience Health System, with two topics: First Topic: Strengthening Health Policy, will be focusing on how to develop a robust and effective health policy. Health policy as part of health system is aim to achieve a certain health status through planning, decision, and action. As such, health policy concentrates on health financing, delivering health service, improving access to health care and quality of care, and promoting equity. Health policy, therefore, covers a wide range of categories, from public health (includes, but not limited to, vaccination, tobacco control, health promotion, health insurance), global health, individual health to health services. Second Topic: Best Practice Surveillance System in Health Service Providers, will be focusing on the implementation of surveillance system in health care provider, the achievement and failures, the obstacles and supporting factors, and lessons learnt that could be applied in other settings. Health surveillance is the backbone of a health policy, consequently, the quality of surveillance is crucial for a policy to be effective. One minor mistake in data collection or analysis, for instance, could have fatal consequences in the form of ineffective policies and inefficient budget.

Conference Topics

In this conference we would like to invite you as academicians, students, researchers, or policy makers to present your current studies in the field of public health surveillance and health policy (encompasses environmental health, occupational health, reproductive health, epidemiology, health promotion, and healthcare administration). We would like to have exchange of experience from different countries to develop a more resilience health system in order to overcome any potential pandemic in the future.

The conference will cover public health topics related to Public Health Surveillance System, such as:

  • Health system and policy
  • Healthcare service management
  • Public health surveillance and disease detection
  • Health information system
  • Social determinant and health behaviors
  • Health insurance and universal health coverage
  • Occupational health, safety, and environment
  • COVID-19 response and mitigation
  • Other relevant public health topics.

Participation Targets

7th UPHEC welcomes all those interested and working in the areas covered by the conference themes. More specifically, it targets:

  • Scholars: Present your research and share knowledge with others, Connect with colleagues and professionals working in the fields of healthcare and public health services. Find ideas and potential collaborators for future research and scientific event.
  • Professionals: Share your experience, meet colleagues and network with international and local community of professionals in the realms of health or medical science, and public health worker .
  • Policy makers: Learn from leading experts on issues related to public health surveillance, medical science and best practices in creating healthy and prosperous society
  • Activists: Raise awareness of your work, learn, share and network with other international/national NGOs, possible donors and colleagues from around the world.
  • Post/under-Graduate students: Meet your colleagues, make new friends and improve your communication skills and knowledge on the subject at hand; Get valuable feedback on your research or research proposal from international audience of leading scholars, professionals and colleagues.

Publication and Award Opportunity

All participants have the opportunity to publish scientific papers through international proceedings and journals partner.
Media Journal Partner are

In particular, the best participants for the following categories:

  • Best Paper Award
  • Best Presentation Award

Entitled to receive e-certificates of appreciation and also publications in reputable journals. For the best paper will be published IJPHS with free of charged, and also three best paper for runner up category will be published ESHR, JCP, Disease Prevention and Public Health Journal