Theme and Topics of UPHEC 2017

International Conference with theme: “Improving the Occupational Health and Safety Culture to Increase the Quality Of Life towards Safe, Health, and Productive Community

With the sub topic as follow:

  1. Safety culture
  2. Occupational Health and safety management system
  3. Behavioral safety
  4. Industrial Hygiene
  5. Ergonomic
  6. Occupational Disease
  7. Fire Management
  8. Toxicology
  9. Risk Management
  10. Occupational Health and safety promotion
  11. Accident Prevention
  12. And other relevant topics



  1. To increase the knowledge and understanding of occupational health and safety to prevent work related accident and work related illness.
  2. To disseminate research and best practices related to occupational health and safety.
  3. To promote occupational health and safety culture to increase the quality of life towards safe, health, and productive community.
  4. To establish good relation, communication and partnership among the stakeholders of occupational health and safety (government, company, workers, community) to implement the occupational health and safety culture



  1. Learning and improving the knowledge and skill of occupational health and safety.
  2. Sharing experiences and best practices in implementation of occupational health and safety program to increase the awareness of safety culture.
  3. Building the network with occupational health and safety experts, practitioners and academician.